To become the best and most sought after financial advisory and consultancy firm in India by providing a convenient, high quality, process driven and goal oriented wealth creation platform.


To enable wealth creation for our clients through quality and unbiased financial planning advice . Help, mentor and guide all our clients to live a prosperous and purposeful financial, social and personal life.


Our values are the base on which the trust of our clients’ rests. We love the fact that our clients have put their trust on us time and again. Our integrity is our strength; we are discreet about confidentiality of our clients’ information. Our advice is honest and time tested. We always feel accountable and responsible to our clients. We strive hard that the suggestions, advices and processes provided by us are delivering the desired outcomes


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Proudly guiding more than 400 families and corporates towards a debt free financially stable future. And we are getting noticed.


Trust and transparency play a great role in our relation with our clients. The root cause of any betrayal majorly is trust, but it’s also true that absence of trust becomes a hindrance to grow ahead. So we follow the golden Russian adage “TRUST BUT VERIFY”. At Planwise we try to make the process so transparent that the issue of trust is negligible. There are no fake commitments, only a process, a discipline that helps you to achieve your financial goals and stability.

Clients’ Growth

Often the growth of an individual is linked with the returns earned. But the fact is, it is not returns that gives the stability but the amount that is saved. Returns are earned on the amount which is saved effectively. If we fail to save enough money the returns over it won’t be able to help us achieve the desired financial goals. So the key factor towards financial stability is not high returns, but high savings along with the decent returns. “High Risk High Returns” may deceive, but “Moderate Risk and Decent Returns” always work. Our clients eventually appreciate and boast their growth through the measure of effective savings.

Our Approach

We believe in a lifetime association with our clients. To avoid any financial debacle, we try to understand each and every need and the risk appetite of our clients through counselling sessions. All the solutions are tailor-made and enough time and attention is given to individuals or corporates before executing any financial strategy. It is a continuous process of designing, executing and upgrading the strategies. Thus our approach is to create generational wealth.

Today people are stuck between “ I need to save money” and “ You only live once”.

Why our clients love us?

Today people are stuck between “ I need to save money” and “ You only live once”.