Financial Management is not limited to the Accounts or Finance Manager of an entity. All the personnel and business units are equal constituents in the financial management of a corporation. Business is a culmination of various different processes. On a macro level, the processes can be shortlisted including but not limited to the following:-
1. Marketing
2. Customer acquisition
3. Production
4. Costing
5. Sales
6. Taxation

These different processes are intertwined and no process can perform on its own. When all these processes perform at the best efficiency then only it can create wealth/ profits for the corporation.

We, at Planwise Consultants & Wealth Managers, help you in fine-tuning these processes, so as to minimize the friction and doing away with the loopholes or the blind spots that maybe there. We help you in setting goals, developing strategies, planning how to execute them to achieve the desired outcome. We apply ideal financial principles to the business model to create a sustainable and reliable financial system. This system after a thorough and religious implementation brings a paradigm shift in the way a corporation works through various intermediaries. We bring discipline to the running of a corporation. In short, we change the overall financial management structure of the corporation.

We would be focusing on the following aspects of a corporation: –
1. Identification of business drivers
2. Identification of business laggards
3. Understanding and improvising the costing structure.
4. Working Capital Cycle Management
5. Cash Flow & Treasury Management
6. Debt Management
7. Liquidity Crisis Management
8. Business planning, budgeting, and forecasting.

To explain and discuss the implementation of Corporate Finance Transformation, we need a meeting with the Board of Directors and all the concerned personnel.