10 financial planning mistakes couples make that can ruin marriages.




Getting married is a wonderful thing, it is one of those rarest moments that gifts us a reliable partner for life who can stand beside us in every storm that passes. But that’s not all, many marriages get devastated by a lack of financial transparency and planning. No matter what, never let your precious life get ruined under such circumstances. Make sure you don’t repeat the mistakes that most couples make during their prime years.

Lack of Proper Financial Planning

The backbone of a household relies on robust financial planning. With the lack of proper financial planning, dark clouds are likely to hover above the smooth running of a household. Hence, plan your finances together to come to terms with the monthly expenditures, savings, etc.

Not Making Joint Financial Decisions

An individual always expects a fair deal of consultation before taking a major financial decision. Though it might sound messy, it is better to clear the mess now than to be held for monotonous. A combined decision yields the best results in financial matters.

Frequents Credits

Try and understand one thing life takes a completely novel turn after marriage. Hence, the habit of lending money, and helping friends and relatives financially should go down on the list of priorities. This is often a cause of huge relationship strains.

Missing Trust Between The Two

It is said that trust is the element that keeps a couple bonded in marriage. Hence, a lack of trust might cause huge turmoil in a happy married life. Maintaining secrecy of expenses over drugs, gambling, and other evils might prove to be very destructive.

Lack Of Transparency

Keep your instincts open and clear to your partner, probably this will be the best gift you give him or her. With a transparent income and expenditure table, it is less likely to fall to illogical arguments and quarrels.  

Bad Budget Planning

Budget planning is quintessential for a home or family. Making last moment changes or falling prey to exciting offers will de-rail a domestic budget. Plan together and stick to the budget planned for long-term happiness.

Lack Of Discussion On Financial Responsibilities 

To speak out in a relationship can solve many unprecedented problems. Share your views and needs for avoiding burdens. In a marriage, the little change within us can significantly foster a healthy financial relationship.  

No Funds For Emergency

Not having a backup for an emergency can lead to grave mistakes that most couples make. Keep ready a part of your money to meet emergencies if any in the near future. Disagreements about not having emergency funds are to cause the split between husband and wife.

No Common Retirement Goals 

Landing on the same page can be the key to lasting relationships. Adjustments and adaptation are the factors that make a marriage happy. So try to serve a common goal for retirement as in those years you would be completely for each other.

Overhead Loans

The ease of availing of loans has caused havoc in our lives and after marriages without decent planning about the payment of loans, it becomes a headache. Avoid taking loans unless it is very important and even then keep your EMIs moderate so that you can pay them off faster.

It is rightly said, marriage is a union of two souls. But, the union can be problematic for two lives if not cared for with precision and grown with trust. By keeping the above points in mind, anyone can be cautious of what all marriages hold after the lustrous ceremonies and exquisite honeymoons. All the best!